We Bring You More Customers, 
So You can Focus On Growing Your Business
100% Risk Free - Trial Advertising Campaign for your Business
We Bring You More Customers, 
So You can Focus On Growing Your Business
100% Risk Free - Facebook Advertising Campaign for your Business
Get a 2 Week Free Facebook Lead Generation Campaign
At Off The Hook Digital Marketing Agency we believe in earning your business. We offer 100% FREE a Facebook ad marketing campaign for one restaurant client  for two weeks.  During these 14 days we will deploy a custom lead generation campaign & advertise your business locally online. 

Next we will deliver custom leads right to your inbox and prove to you that we are the absolute best in the industry.

If you are impressed with our lead quality during our trial, we can discuss on-going service. If you are not, then we will part ways. We are that confident & it is that simple. 
Here's How Our Free Trial Campaign Works
1).  Launch a Trial Campaign
We'll consult with you regarding your business, lead delivery address, & confirm  our advertising strategy, target audience, & have you approve our campaign kick off.
2).  Free 14 Day Ad Campaign 
We'll handle your digital marketing for 2 weeks & will place custom advertisements on Facebook & Instagram.  We'll capture lead information including (name, email, & telephone) using a custom landing page or bot messenger strategy.
3). Deliver Daily leads
We'll deliver leads directly to your inbox daily and we'll  have local prospects calling you. Any leads we generate you own 100%. Leads are not re-sold or repurposed in any capacity.
4). Analytics + Reporting
After 2 weeks we'll provide a lead report including the total number of leads generated & a spreadsheet including all the lead contact info.  
How Do We Generate Leads For Your Business?
Our marketing firm, Off The Hook Digital Marketing, specializes in Facebook Advertising. Just how we brought you to this page with a Facebook ad, we can also drive targeted web traffic to a landing page or a bot messenger page that we custom design for you.

These ads then display only to residents living around a 5-7 mile radius of your store or that meet specific targeting 
criteria we agree upon. 

As leads sign up for your offer, instantly we forward these leads  to you.
Here's just a sample view of our radius targeting options inside of Facebook Ads manager. [pictured below]
We have many other targeting options to include to reach your audience.
Frequently Asked Questions:
1). What is Included in This Free 2 Week Campaign at No Charge?
* We build your business a custom landing page/bot messenger sequence & custom thank you page
* Email follow-up template to nurture the leads
* Create 14 ads to run on Facebook ( You pay for the ad placement directly to Facebook for the two week period.)
*  Manage and oversee the ads
*  Consult regarding your Facebook Business Page
*  Create a two-week game plan for your team to implement

2). How do Facebook Ads work?
Facebook has an incredibly powerful advertising platform for which we can target your exact audience by age, gender, location, interests, online behaviors, & 100's of other factors. We are specialists at finding your customers online & bringing them to you! We can even target your past customers & retarget your current website visitors to increase your conversions even further!

3). Can I see some samples of your work? 
 Absolutely. Please use the "learn more" button to inquiry further and our team will be happy to mock up some design samples particularly for your business so you know can see the quality of our work before even beginning your 2 week trial campaign!

4). Do you work with our competition?
We only work with 1 local (niche) per 10 mile radius so that there will be no conflict of interest between our client campaigns. Once you secure your location it is yours and yours only during the campaign!
Here's What Others Have To Say About Our Work

Chelsea Gray

Nana, the owner of Off The Hook Diigital Marketing know's her stuff when it comes to marketing. She has been in the industry for years and you can tell when you speak to her! At Off the Hook Digital Marketing they've developed professional-looking landing pages, and ad copy and targeting that converts! I highly recommend working with Off the Hook Digital Marketing.

Paul H.

The last agency we worked with didn't generate one lead for us! I was nervous to try yet another agency. To our delight, the leads started coming in from all over the country. Now I need to work them and stop the ads for a bit until I catch up.

 Catherine N.

Right away we started getting leads!  We were blown away! They filled out the lead form and Off the Hook followed up with emails. We are very happy with the results.
Your Competition is Generating Leads Right Now on Autopilot using Facebook Ads!
Learn how we can offer our services to you, 100% for FREE!
Your only expense will be to Facebook to place the ads.
Below are some sample advertisements. Contact us so we can show you the designs we can create for your business. 
Receive a FREE competition advertising analysis!

Learn How You Can Advertise Using Facebook with a Free Discovery Call:

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