SEO- What is it? 
Why does it work?
Search Engine Optimization or SEO is a protocol that is employed in a website to allow the content of the website to be more readily found on Google/ Bing, Yahoo- or any other search engine. It’s a complex group of criteria that must be met to create a website and/or a webpage tiat meets Google’s standards to live up to what they deem as quality content. Google’s customer is the person putting in a search term for something they want to research, buy, or gain information.

Google’s algorithm scours websites for content and serves up the top 10 websites or pages that it deems as meeting the searchers request. The person searching is Googles customer. Google does not want to offer an ineffective website that lacks quality content that will answer the searchers request. This is a tall order. Your website must beat out all the other websites. Even if the website is up to par in Google’s eyes, the age of the website also plays a part in whether Google will offer your site for the searcher. 

Let’s take the example of someone wanting to learn more about the thickness of plastic sheeting. The image below shows the search term “thickness of plastic sheeting”. Google will put the paid ads first, and then present the website which it deems most capable to address the search term. 

In many cases, Google will put a “ featured snippet” which is a box in a format which will help people more easily find what they were seeking along with a link to that page.

What is tricky is that while Google still displays 10 organic results per page they do everything they can go get the searcher to click on a paid ad. This means that the website that has the most meaningful content due to it’s organic nature of being on page 1 of google, may loose out to a website that has to pay to be found.

Roughly the Click Through Rate (CTR) has dropped by 37% since 2015 and may continue to do so according to the Search Engine Journal.

Many components go into SEO. For those who understand the seemingly status symbol of coming up on page 1 of Google, they will click on the organic results rather than the paid results. 

Why Does SEO Work?

The recipe for strong SEO include:

* Optimized, Strong and Relevant Content

* Keyword strategy that reflects the theme of the website

* Website architecture- Web page Title Tags, meta descriptions, ALT attributes, H1, H2, H3 tags and the URL age and name.

* Authority, Expertise and Trust must ooze from your website. Every angle of your offering must be available for the website visitor.

* User Experience- UX vastly affects whether your website will be served up. If your site is slow or hard to navigate, google may select your competitor’s website for the searchers solution. Is your website responsive? That means, is it suitable for a mobile user?

* Voice Search- does your site address the crux of a sentence spoken into the phone. For example, “Hey Siri what’s the thickness of Plastic?



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