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Facebook Advertising in 2020
True or False:
 - For the first time in history, more people will be connected to the internet than not.
 - How about by 2020 more people will have mobile phones than electricity or running water in their home?
 - Regarding ecommerce sales, mobile will generate nearly half of US ecommerce sales!
 - What about Millennia's - people 23-38 in 2019 born between 1981 and 1996? They will made up half of the global workforce! 

All of the above statements are TRUE!

Businesses are advertising on Facebook. 

Here are some stats:
Facebook accounts for 80.4% of the U.S. social referral shares to shopping/ecommerce sites
This is so important for marketers that are selling their products online. Thinking about Instagram? It comes in second at only 10.7%
25.94% of Facebook's advertising revenue comes from Mobile users.
Mobile use in general is on the increase over desktop use. Only 6% of Facebook ‘s ad revenue comes from desktop. This fact is important when you design your ad and where you target that ad.
Facebook average ad prices are falling!
The average price for an ad decreased 4% in Q2 2019. Who can be unhappy about that?
What are Facebook Ads?
Ah Ha...the best question! What are Facebook ads? They are paid messages posted by businesses to reach the people who matter to them the most. Facebook advertisers/businesses create campaigns that have very specific goals or advertising objectives which they aim to target the proper audience. Facebook ads help both big and small businesses and organizations. Unlike television ads that are costly, Facebook ads can fit into most company’s budgets.
Why Advertise on Facebook?
Facebook has a global community of over 2.4 billion people every month.
1.6 billion people use Facebook everyday.

140 million advertisers look to Facebook and use their services.
Grow your business from anywhere to anywhere by utilizing Instagram, Messenger, and your Facebook business page to tell your story. 

Facebook gives you the most targeted advertising because it knows its audience

So what’s the strategy if you offer products that can be purchased online? Free shipping for one thing. Low prices are less important for millennials than they are for older age groups. United States shoppers were surveyed an 1.14x say that convenience is more important than price.
What about the 1+billion people who are on Facebook? They are connected to a business in another country! Two in three online shoppers have already shopped cross-border.
No matter what you offer in the marketplace people have zero tolerance for friction. The relative value of Time, Effort, and Money plays a big role in a buyer’s perceptions. 58% of the people surveyed globally now consider convenience alongside price when deciding where to shop.
How Much Does it Cost to Advertise on Facebook?
Studies have shown that most industries spend between $0.40 and $2.00 per click which an average of $1.72 CPC (Cost per Click).

If you are in a more competitive industry those costs can rise. It is all dependent on your budget. At a minimum we think $300+ per month in Adspend dollars to Facebook. It all depends however on your goals. What is great is you can stop your advertising on a moment's notice with the flick of a switch. The best campaigns are when the client calls and says,
"TURN IT OFF! I can’t take any more customers!"
How much does it cost to advertise on Facebook per month?
In all advertising, unless you are practically giving something away for free, you need to have consistency before your audience so they get to know you and your product. People don’t buy a new model of car the day it comes on Facebook if they haven’t researched it. If you can give the buyer a reason to “buy now” and offer a nice incentive, you may be able to get your results sooner. There are so many factors such as the price of your item, etc.
How does advertising work on Facebook?
With a well thought out mission the following criteria need to be defined.

1. Choose your objective
        What is the most important outcome desired (sales, downloads of a whitepaper or ap, increased brand awareness.)
2. Select your audience
        Knowing your audience select the age, location, demographics, interests,,etc)
3. Decide where to run your ads
       Chose Facebook, Instagram, Messenger, mobile devies etc
4. Set a budget
        Chose a daily or lifetime budget and time period to run your ads
5. Pick a format
         - Photo ad
         - Video Ad
         - Tell a story
         - Messenger ad 
         - Carousel ad with 2-10 images
         - Slideshow ads
         - Collection- lots of images for people to discover
         - Playable ads offer an interactive preview before they download the app
6. Start your ad so it’s live
7. Measure and manage your ad
How do Facebook ads charge clients?
You will set a daily budget or a lifetime budget for your ad campaign. With a credit card on file, Facebook will charge your card intermittently until you hit the end of your campaign for your budget.

There are many nuances when advertising in all the Facebook products. At first glance it may seem easy, but the reality is it takes an executed strategy to get the most for every dollar you spend.

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